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Royal Canadian High School


Our Vision

To become a world-class online high school and an essential part of our student’s educational experience RCHS envisions our students to be effective communicators, critical, innovative and creative thinkers, collaborate with others and become lifelong learners in full awareness of themselves within a global community.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is making sure that each of our individual students has solid place in high ranking universities of Canada. To achieve our goal RCHS strives for the academic wellness of a student while building an e-portfolio for their career planning into the university.

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The Arts

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Business Studies

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136+ Courses Available

Canadian and
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English as a
Second Language

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Guidance and Career Education

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Social Studies and Humanities

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Royal Canadian High School

RCHS Students

Our teacher-supported courses assist and encourage students in the process of learning. In the high school courses that we envision, teaching will not involve simply giving information to the students to memorize; instead, RCHS will invest most of their time and energy in creating the optimal conditions in which students make connections that constitute their own learning. This is a subtle but important shift that RCHS endeavors to incorporate in all their courses.

Our goal is to prepare our students to reach their full potential in life.

  • Overcome the unique challenges of online learning, developing 21st century skills in the process in preparation for the future.
  • Take advantage of new technologies to compete with innovative projects and assignments.
  • Design their own schedules to pursue other opportunities and to continue to meet goals beyond academic settings.
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